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What is the Front Street community oven?

It is a warm and inviting community space for people to cook, eat, and gather together in the park. A firemaster lights the fire and heats the oven, and you arrive later in the day to cook and bake your food. 

Where & when is it open?

Robie Tufts Nature Park, 122 Front Street, Wolfville, NS
From May to October 2019 there will be at least one free “open oven” day per week where the oven is running for 4-6 hours; this will be a regularly scheduled time. The oven will also be available to book for events and gatherings once things get up and running.

Things you can do in a wood-fired oven

Join our volunteer team! Sign up to become a “Fire Master”.

what’s coming up

We’ll be starting to build when the ground is warm enough in spring 2019. Stay updated with news about special events beginning this spring!

Inspiration for the Idea

This is the Park Avenue Community Oven in Dartmouth. Ours will be similar in that it’s in the park, but a different design. Our volunteer architect is working on it and we’re working with the Wolfville architectural committee to ensure it fits aesthetically with the town. 

If you’d like to sponsor parts of the building or sponsor a program or event at the oven

the backstory

This community oven is the dream of Adam Barnett & Duncan Ebata, inspired by the magic of bringing people together to cook together, eat together, celebrate and share stories.

The team


Pizza & Jazz at the Noodle Guy – now on Jan 27th 2019

Our amazing team is so excited to host our first public fundraiser event for the Front St Community Oven in Wolfville. Please join us for pizza and jazz at the The Noodle Guy. Now on January 27th, 2019 from 3pm-7pm. The evening will include topping your pizza with...

November 2018 Update

Hi folks. It’s been a long time! But be assured…the Community Oven is still happening! After we received the official agreement with the Town of Wolfville to build the oven in the Robie Tufts Park, we decided to take a bit to a breather; both of us had been...

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