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The oven is a warm and inviting community space for people to cook, eat, and come together in the park.

Community Events

Join Us for a community cookout or workshop at the oven

Acadia Men's Wellness Space

Fire cook, chat, connect


Special Events

Let’s “cook up” some creative ways to connect, cook, eat, and be together in community



“The oven”, as it’s fondly called, is a warm and inviting community space for people to cook, eat, and connect together in the park. From free community events, to slow food cooking workshops, to co-cooking events that bring people together to connect, the oven is a place for all to meet, connect, and build deep relationships with each other and the land. The Front Street Community Oven Society is a not-for-profit social enterprise located at:

Robie Tuft’s Nature Centre, 160 Front Street, Wolfville, Nova Scotia

(The grassy area between the Wolfville Library and the NSLC) 

Our Mantra

We are all connected

Our Vision

A community where everyone finds belonging

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a joyful space to cook together, eat together, and share stories. Through the magic of food and fire we re-imagine what it is to connect to each other and the land. 


Come join a group of people passionate about bringing people together to cook and connect.

Join Our Firemaster Volunteer Community

Our firemaster community support all the events at the oven and are trained in how to use the oven safely, manage the fire, how to cook different foods in the oven, and build community.


Make a Donation and See the Impact the Oven Has

We work very hard to ensure the oven is as inclusive and accessible as possible, part of this means having funds available for meals and programs available that are free and low cost. We couldn’t do this without a generous community of supporters.


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What people are saying

While food nourishes us, many of us also have a rocky relationship with food. For me, the Oven has been a place to work on repairing that relationship. When people come together with their own foods and recipes, it’s a chance to try new dishes and explore new flavours. When I bring food I’ve made to share during events like Taco night, it let’s me take pride in how far I’ve come with my cooking and my relationship with food. Each time I show up to the oven I find a beautiful community where I can challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone while connecting over incredible food experiences.

Rachel Sparling

Acadia University Student

My name is Sarah and this is my third year as a fire master. I love the whole idea of the oven–a place where everyone in our community is welcome to come together, to cook and to share food, to meet new people, to experiment and to learn, all in a very relaxed, fun and supportive environment. Don’t know how to cook pizza in a wood-fired oven? Don’t worry; neither did I when I first volunteered to be a fire master. We learn by doing and the fire masters are there to guide you. So come on over–I hope to see you soon!



I have experienced the oven as a warm place to connect and build relationships in community. Food and a hot fire bring people together like nothing else, and I’ve had the pleasure to meet so many people at the oven, coming together to learn and share. The oven facilitates the public park space as being one of community connection, and these relationships always centre on sharing and learning together. Every time I’m at the oven, I learn something new, and often get to share something – a trick to handling dough, a pita technique, a delicious recipe idea, a piece of fresh pizza, a borrowed knife, etc. The oven builds community connection and local food knowledge, and helps encourage relationships based on sharing and being in community together. The oven is one of my favourite places to be, and it reminds me that accessible community food hubs like this are vital for community resilience.

Caroline Beddoe

Volunteer Firemaster

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Updates and Recipes

Acadia Men’s Wellness Space

Acadia Men’s Wellness Space

Who: A group of Acadia students who identify as men gathering together. What will we do: Cook a delicious meal together, have fellowship, and discuss topics relevant to Men’s health issues mind, body and spirit.

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Our Supporters

Founding Donor List

Founding Donor Wall

Hundreds of amazing people have contributed to the community oven, we are working on a space here to include everyone in a meaningful way. At the moment we are consumed with building the rest of the oven building space where we can properly recognize all the people who have contributed. Please bear with us. Thank you so much. We love you dearly!