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Our COVID-19 Guidelines

We are dedicated to the safety of our community, which is why we’ve created a list of COVID specific guidelines for those enjoying the oven to follow. This includes:

  • A roped off perimeter around the oven will be set up during events. This allows attendees of the event to effectively social distance with the public using the park
  • Guests must provide the number of people attending their event when booking
  • Anyone who enters the perimeter is required to wash their hands and fill out a contact tracing form with their name and number – this is compliant with current provincial guidelines
  • No more than ten people are allowed inside the perimeter at one time, and we encourage there to be less so social distancing can be maintained
  • We are asking our fire masters and guests to wear masks if effective social distancing is not possible
  • Guests must take their prepared food outside of the perimeter to eat it, and social distancing from those not in your “bubble” is encouraged while you eat
  • Guests must bring their own utensils, cutlery, plates, cooking utensils, etc…
  • The handles of pizza peels that are provided will be sanitized in between each use; one peel is designated for fire master use only
  • Food prep surfaces are to be cleaned with a food grade sanitizer between each use


Acadia Men’s Wellness Space

Acadia Men’s Wellness Space

Who: A group of Acadia students who identify as men gathering together. What will we do: Cook a delicious meal together, have fellowship, and discuss topics relevant to Men’s health issues mind, body and spirit.

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July 7th -August 25th: Next 8 Cookouts

July 7th -August 25th: Next 8 Cookouts

Make sure to register!
July 7th- Open Cookout

July 14th- Wood Fired Montreal Bagels

July 21st- Quiche and Spanish Tortillas

July 28th – Wood Fired Pizza Cookout

August 4th- Open Cookout

August 11th- Corn Fest Cookout

August 18th – Community Recipe Cookout (Probably Indian Parantha’s)

August 25th – Summer Tacos

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our guiding Values

Our values were prepared by our 8 founding board members and from notes Adam and Duncan took from conversations with community members at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market. Everything we do will be lead by our values.


We strive to bring people together; generosity and gratitude are at the heart of what we do. We believe our web is stronger when we are connected. We aim to provide opportunities to share food and space, while slowing down and being present.

Inclusion and Diversity

We believe in wellness for all, including those who may feel under-served within our community. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend and participate at oven events. Our space is a place of kindness, respect, cooperation, and connection.


We believe in being accountable to each other, those we serve, and those who support our efforts – from financial transparency to staying true to our values and principles. We strive for order, effectiveness, and efficiency, with clear communication and organization at all levels.

Lifelong Learning

Fun and adventure are intertwined with how we function as a community organization. We aim to provide opportunities for people of all ages to make and learn about food, so it can be incorporated into their daily lives. We value experimenting, expanding horizons, and trying new things; this can be exciting but also intimidating, so we’ve incorporated fun into all aspects of learning.



Where & when is it open?

Robie Tufts Nature Park, 122 Front Street, Wolfville, NS
From July to October 2019 every Saturday from 12pm-3pm. See Open Ovens page for details. The oven is also available to book for groups, please see “Bookings” in the menu above.

Things you can do at the wood-fired oven

Join our volunteer team! Sign up to become a “Fire Master”.

what’s coming up

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Inspiration for the Idea

This is the Park Avenue Community Oven in Dartmouth. Ours will be similar in that it’s in the park, but a different design. Our volunteer architect is working on it and we’re working with the Wolfville architectural committee to ensure it fits aesthetically with the town. 

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the backstory

This community oven started as a dream of Adam Barnett & Duncan Ebata, inspired by the magic of bringing people together to cook together, eat together, celebrate and share stories.

Our team of founding board members & builders


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