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Book the Oven – BYO Style

(Currently unavailable as we are closed for the season. See you soon!)

The Oven is available for private bookings like birthdays, family gatherings, corporate events, and more.
It’s a great way to ‘do something different’ with friends, family, or colleagues.
Book at pay-what-you-can rates and bring your own foods for cooking (be sure to check the “what to bring” list!)

Our Firemasters will be on hand to keep the oven going!

*If you’re an active volunteer Firemaster,
contact us to arrange a free self-hosted booking*

How does it work?

  • Bookings are 2-hour time slots and must be made 10 days in advance
  • During a booking, the Oven is reserved just for you and your friends
  • A volunteer Firemaster will heat the Oven beforehand, and manage the fire while you’re there
  • You can then use the stainless steel prep tables and the Oven to prepare your food
  • Once you send your booking request, we will find available volunteers and confirm your booking once we have someone in place
    (If you are a trained, active Firemaster you can host yourself – please contact us about special rates and flexible dates for our active volunteers)
  • You are welcome to enjoy the surrounding park before, during, and after your cooking time, and meet other community members using the park
  • Ideally, plan to be there on time or a little early, to get settled and oriented
  • Clean-up is your responsibility and must be completed within the 2 hour time slot. If you can give your Firemaster a hand with packing up, that’s always appreciated too, of course

What we Provide

  • 2 large stainless steel countertops for food preparation with room to fit 2-5 people preparing food at a time.
  • Pizza peels large enough to make 10-12 inch pizzas.
  • Running water (June to September only).
  • The oven and the wood to heat it.
  • Trained volunteers (Fire Masters) to keep the oven fire lit.
  • Several picnic tables are located in the park around the oven.

Everything else must be brought by the visitor (check out our packlist).

Book A Pizza Experience!


Don’t have time to make dough and prep ingredients?
Book the Oven at our pay it forward rate, including a full pizza package made freshly from local and organic ingredients.
Pay it forward and experience the taste and excitement of crafting your very own pizza in the community oven – without any prep. Stretch our organic dough, top it with your favourite flavours, and watch it cook to golden perfection.
You’ll have a blast – and all with minimal prep!
Pre-order your preferred pizza flavour and pick it up in Wolfville on the day of your booking. We’ll meet you at the Oven, fire burning and ready to go!  

 Cancellation Policy

We will issue a cancellation for weather 12-30 hours in advance of an event if the weather forecast:

  • Has a greater than 50% chance of rain, and;
  • Rain or snow is expected to be heavy (e.g. not showers, drizzle etc.) or;
  • A weather warning has been issued by Environment Canada.

If we need to cancel because of weather, the person who booked the oven will be given a full refund of their booking fee. We will reach out about cancellations as soon as we know.

If you need to cancel your booking request, please do so at the earliest possible time to help us best work with our volunteers and to open up your slot for others.

The minimum time required to cancel your booking and get a refund is no later than 1 week prior to the scheduled booking. Any cancellations less than a week in advance will not receive a refund.

Email, or call ‭to cancel your booking, or with any questions.