Join us for wood-fired taco making and sharing a meal on June 2nd from 6pm-8pm at the Front Street Community Oven

Come on down! Join us for our weekly Community Cookout!


Every Thursday (weather permitting).

6pm – 8pm

Outdoors, at the Front Street Oven in Robie Tufts Park, Wolfville

What to expect

  • Experiment with local food & cooking with fire. Learn to cook in a wood-fired oven, creating new recipes with your community.
  • Cook, learn and be together as a community, connect with friends old and new, and have a fun time!
  • A space where everyone is welcome, regardless of experience. Our goal at the oven is to have everyone in our community feel comfortable participating.
  • A different theme / type(s) of food every week, inspired by community members and your suggestions!
  • We will provide the base food of whatever is being cooked that day (e.g. dough for pizza, masa for tacos). You (the community) will bring your own fillings and toppings.

All served up with a side of community spirit!

We invite you to bring:

  • Toppings, fillings, or sides for your meal to accompany the “base” provided by the Oven or to fit the specific theme of the week (each week’s theme will be announced via newsletter & social media… or read on down below)
  • Any other food you may like to enjoy for a picnic in the park or try cooking in the hot oven!
  • Cast iron pan or crock if needed for what you want to cook (we have some extras down there)
  • Plates, cutlery, cutting boards, or whatever else you may need to prep and enjoy your meal (see the “What to Bring List” for a list of things you may consider bringing to picnic in the park with us

This Week’s Theme is: Tortillas!! (Aka tacos)

Come on down to make delicious soft corn tortillas, perfect to fill with vibrant vegetables, salsa, beans, meat, cheese, etc. We will roll, press, and then bake the tortillas in the oven together.

The Oven team will provide the base needed to make the corn tortillas – 100% organic masa harina corn flour. This is mixed to form dough with hot water and salt. We will also have chipotle refried organic black beans with onions and garlic.

Things you could bring to go with this week’s meal include:

  • Prepared salsa, or ingredients to chop up a fresh salsa or roast veg for a salsa (peppers, tomatoes, onions, herbs, etc)
  • Cheese!
  • Fresh salad greens or other greens and herbs
  • Guacomole
  • Beans, pre-made/cooked or to warm in a cast iron pan with garlic and spices, for example
  • Fish or meat
  • Cabbage or other raw vegetables
  • Fermented vegetables like curtido
  • Vegetables to roast in the oven and eat inside the tortillas (e.g. potatoes, cabbage, corn, peppers, etc)
  • Whatever you desire!

Sharing Food and Space

Come as you are, participate however you feel most comfortable, cook as much or as little as you like, maybe you feel comfortable sharing food or you have your own picnic with your family, there’s lots space to spread out in the park.

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