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The oven space was  100% designed and built by the community in Robie Tufts Nature Park in Wolfville in 2019.  From July 31-Oct 2019 our board and 30+ firemaster volunteer team ran 35 programs which had just over 2000 participants.  In 2020, we have had 32 joyful and COVID safe events. We are currently raising $24,500 to make the building all weather ready which would add 8 months a year of additional programming and enable programming  where one person or group can produce food for another (under current food safety rules, we cannot do this for risk of “debrie falling in food). Having walls and doors unlocks our ability to do programming year round and would immedetiely enable us to quadruple our programming abilites. Here are a few photos of the new building design, the community build, and the oven in operation. Please consider donating below to getting the building ready for winter and rainy days ahead.

We don’t have any videos yet of our first 6 weeks in operation, here’s a few videos from other ovens in Atlantic Canada. Thank you to the Park Avenue Community Oven and Lori McCarthy at Cod Sounds for generously sharing these videos with us.

our guiding Values

Our values were prepared by our 8 founding board members and from notes Adam and Duncan took from conversations with community members at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market. Everything we do will be lead by our values.


We strive to bring people together; generosity and gratitude are at the heart of what we do. We believe our web is stronger when we are connected. We aim to provide opportunities to share food and space, while slowing down and being present.

Inclusion and Diversity

We believe in wellness for all, including those who may feel under-served within our community. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend and participate at oven events. Our space is a place of kindness, respect, cooperation, and connection.


We believe in being accountable to each other, those we serve, and those who support our efforts - from financial transparency to staying true to our values and principles. We strive for order, effectiveness, and efficiency, with clear communication and organization at all levels.

Lifelong Learning

Fun and adventure are intertwined with how we function as a community organization. We aim to provide opportunities for people of all ages to make and learn about food, so it can be incorporated into their daily lives. We value experimenting, expanding horizons, and trying new things; this can be exciting but also intimidating, so we’ve incorporated fun into all aspects of learning.



, ,,edsupport the Front Street community oven project

As a not-for-profit society, we are raising funds to make the building three-season ready and to cover operating costs for 2019 community programming.


Key details

The Oven is located in the southwest corner of Robie Tufts Nature Park, 122 Front Street, Wolfville, NS. (the park beside the library).

The oven construction  started on May 12, 2019, and took several weeks.

Since then, we have hosted weekly Open Ovens, food workshops, multi-cultural days, and more. In addition, the Community can book the oven for all kinds of family-, group-, and business-related events and gatherings.

funds go into supporting the following areas

Oven and Building

Phase 1:

Wood-Fired Oven and  Shelter $9,312

Phase 2 :

Oven Shelter with All-Weather Enclosure and Kitchen Equipment  $23,462

Yearly Operating Costs

Commercial Liability Insurance (up to $2500, variable depending on # of events/ year)

Fire Wood ($750/year, 1st year donated)

Repairs Fund ($300/year) 


Community Programming

Weekly Open Ovens

Multi-cultural Oven Events

Kids Programming

We’d love to make these events even more accessible and inclusive. For example, while we’ve received some funding for our multi-cultural events, with a larger grocery budget we could provide more food for the community. 


Donations List

  • In January 2018, we hosted a Pizza & Jazz fundraiser and raised money at our Wolfville Farmers’ Market booth, adding a total of $2,110 to our coffers.
  • Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op donated $1000 to the building fund.
  • Travis Mills donated Red cladding bricks for the outer oven walls, valued at $2,000.
  • Travis Mills has also donated 100% of the labour we need to build the oven and the oven building.
  • We received a $3000 grant from Eastern Kings Community Health Board to host 4 multi-cultural events at the oven this summer.
  • Engineers, architects, designers, and builders have all volunteered their time to bring this project to life.
  • Barnett Builders has donated a standing-seam metal roof and their time to install it.
  • many more community members and local businesses helped out – we are updating this list as we go!


  • In 2018, the oven project was unanimously approved by Wolfville’s Town Council and we signed an agreement with them to build and operate this community space in Robie Tufts Nature Park.
  • In 2018, we reached an estimated 80,000 people without a $0 marketing budget. 
  • We’ve had incredible community support from the beginning, with official letters from: Wolfville Farmers’ Market, Blomidon Naturalists Society, Wolfville Business Development Corp. (WBDC),  Town of Wolfville, Slow Food Nova Scotia, as well as mental health professionals, accessibility advocates, dieticians, and community development professionals. 
  • From the start, we met with organizations and key health professionals and researchers from various fields to ensure the space and our approach will meet the community’s needs and values.
  • We’ve created and registered a not-for-profit society; the project is now known as the Front Street Community Oven Society.
  • We’ve  had two amazing seasons, adjusted to Covid safety guidelines, and are regularly bringing together the community through food. Stop by some time!


If you’d like to sponsor parts of the building or sponsor a program or event at the oven

Our team of founding board members & builders


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