Come Join Us!

Join us for a creative and fresh seasonal food filled cooking experience on August 9th at the Front Street Community Oven with Pascal Doucette from Fueled by Local Food This will be a local ingredient inspired meal and will take us on a journey of Italian and Middle Eastern flavours.

Imagine making fresh sourdough pitas with Longspell Point Farm flour, roasting marinated cauliflower in dutch ovens, blistering ripe fresh heritage cherry tomatoes with fresh herbs, chili, and zest on a bed of balkan yogurt, fill a pita with local chicken chawarma (with Italian/middle eastern fusion inspired tomato reduction sauce, fresh herbs, yogurt sauce and surprise local ingredients), we’ll finish the evening with a wood fired carmelized fruit dish (likely peaches or whatever fresh and amazing on that day).

When: Tuesday August 9th from 6pm-8pm

Where: 160 Front Street, Wolfville

Cost: $80 (includes HST)


A selection of non-alcoholic local fruit and herb mocktails (we had a basil watermelon piquet bevy at our last event), beer, wine, and cider will be provided so as to sample the latest of the regions non-alcoholic fermented beverages.

About the Event

This is a fundraiser dinner in support of accessible co-cooking programming at the community oven is hosted by Pascal Doucette from Fueled by Local Food and Duncan Ebata, Co-Founder of Front Street Community Oven).

For optimal connection time, some of the food will be prepped ahead of time, there will be opportunities to put together most of the dishes. We will eat together at long tables. You can join in the cooking or just relax and connect with new an old friends. Thank you for your support. We’re looking forward to playing with food and fire with you soon!