Dear Oven Community,
We’re getting close. We had a lovely impromptu volunteer firemaster gathering and volunteer recruitment event down at the oven on Saturday, June 8. As we stood in the park, welcoming people and sharing tastes of various pizzas, scones, fresh bread, a perfectly cooked steak with garlic and balsamic reduction, roasted asparagus and other veggies, over 40 people came through. We only invited potential volunteers at the last minute because we had a window of time before we start building our outdoor kitchen shelter. This kind of gathering is so simple and so powerful, there was so much play, experimenting and sharing going on. Thank you to Karen at Errands by Karen for these lovely photos.

Phase Two

We’ll start building the shelter, that will protect us from the rain and cooler weather, this coming weekend.  We still need donations to complete the build and be all-weather ready. Please consider making a contribution to the building:

Open Ovens

Given a small delay in our oven build, there will be no open oven on June 15. Our first open oven will be June 29. If the building is ready earlier, we’ll announce events sooner via this list and on Facebook.

Booking the Oven for an Event

You can now book the oven for a group. Anytime after 3 weeks from now or later. See details here:

Fire Master Volunteer Training

Our first firemaster volunteer training will be July 7, 2019, from 10am-1pm. Depending on the build, we may have smaller trainings before that. Here’s the volunteer form if you’d like to try it out.Looking forward to cookin’ with you soon!


Front Street Community Oven Society

P.s. Wood – yes, we need dry wood…

The wood we’ve had donated has just been cut. We’d love to be able to add to our supply. If any of you have access to dry wood you could donate, please contact Duncan by e-mail at or by phone at 692-9421.

PPS: If you’d like to get notified about our summer events, get invited to the grand opening, we invite you to join the email list here: