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The Front Street Community Oven is a warm and inviting space for the community to cook, eat and gather together at the Front Street Nature Park in Wolfville.

Volunteer with us!

There are several longer-term opportunities available to volunteer your time, as well as opportunities to volunteer short term to help with the build, by event, or support us by donating cash for Phase 2 of the building (making it all weather ready).

  1. Volunteer as a Firemaster
    1. Next training session: Firemaster Volunteer Training and Orientation will be on July 25 12pm to 2pm,  We’ll learn oven lighting techniques, safety practices, managing the oven heat, and we’ll cook up some things. Please bring pizza toppings and anything else you’d like to bake/cook. We’ll bring enough dough for everyone to have a few slices of pizza. Please bring your favourite toppings.
    2. Goal: To become a fully trained volunteer to use and mentor others using the oven on Open Oven Days (Saturday’s 12pm-2pm and anytime the oven is booked 12pm-2pm and 5pm-7pm daily)

You must attend a training session to be a fire master. After completion you will also shadow an experienced volunteer. You will learn the basics for using the oven from start to finish – how to open the building, build the fire, when it is ready for cooking, closing up the oven safely at the end of the day. Sessions are held outdoors, near a lit fire. Please dress appropriately for the environment. Sign up below to be notified of any training schedule changes.

2. Donate to the cause – details here

3. Help with the building of Phase Two – next build starts June 24th, contact
4. Volunteer to help with grant writing, communications, lawyer, accounting, bookkeeping, photo and video documenting, event planning, click here