Hi folks, we’ve now coming up on our 4th Food Experiment Thursday event in our oven community. The format is that we have a main theme of food and people bring different things they’d like to try baking/cooking in the oven that goes with that theme. We usually have extra ingredients of the main ingredient of the theme for people to try and we ask for a small donation $5-$15/ per person to cover the costs of the oven booking.


The themes we’ve explored include:

  • Tacos (making homemade tortillas with masa harina corn flour in the oven)
  • Sourdough Pitas in the Oven
  • Fire Roasted Summer Veggies with Tortillas
  • Farinata/Socca Chickpea Based Pizza (this week)

Here’s Photo of Farinata from our friend Martha Stewart


Email Duncan@fronstreetoven.ca if you’d like details for this week’s event (Aug 26th)

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