Come take a deep dive into sourdough breads with Doug Brown from Oak Haven Bakery. As the owner of Oak Haven Bakery, Doug has been baking with fire for over 25 years. Doug will be hosting two hands on workshops on September 26th, 2021. Master baker Doug Brown has been baking commercially with wood fire and sourdough breads over 25 year’s. The workshops includes:

  • 3-hour hands on workshop
  • Small group for best learning experience
  • This workshop is open to beginners and avid bakers. 

The workshop will cover:

1. Mixing your dough from sourdough starter (hands-on)

2. Kneading and proofing (hands-on)

3. While our breads rise, Doug will do a sourdough pita and yeasted based bread demonstration

4. Baking your bread in a wood-fired oven or at home (hands-on)

5. Working with local and whole grain flour from Longspell Point Farm

6. General bread making tips and tricks.

This is a fundraiser to help us cover the cost of our many free community programs.

See more details and get tickets at: