We’ve got pretty big plans!

This is the third season for the Front Street Community Oven, and we’re excited!
We were hoping this year would be a regular season (our first season was short because we were building, our second season was short beacuse of Covid), but with everything that is still happening with the pandemic, the best thing to do is have a plan and adjust as we need to. With this in mind, we have amazing things on the go for 2021 to become more sustainable while continuing to offer our services to even more members of the community.

We have fun plans: from Open Ovens to Pizza Experiences for your bubble to special event and workshops, we’ve got lots planned and can’t wait to (re-)connect with you all!

The biggest news for this year is the approval of our application from the Town of Wolfville for an Infrastructure Grant. (While the Oven is situated in a public park, it was started and is run entirely by community volunteers). This is big news, and it allows us to complete the building that surrounds the oven. All of our materials and labour have either been donated or offered at a reduced price to date. This has worked well to take us to this point, but to finish the building we need to hire a carpenter. Having the building complete means we will beautiful doors and windows that we can open and close as needed to deal with wind and weather – and that means we can use the Oven in (almost) any weather and for months of the year! Overall, we will have even more opportunities to offer fun recreation and magical experiences to you fellow community members.
Thank you Town of Wolfville for your support!