Hi folks.

It’s been a long time! But be assured…the Community Oven is still happening!

After we received the official agreement with the Town of Wolfville to build the oven in the Robie Tufts Park, we decided to take a bit to a breather; both of us had been volunteering 12-15 hours a week and it wasn’t sustainable. We are excited about getting the oven built, but want to ensure it has proper community engagement and is built in the best possible way.

So…here’s a quick update.

We are planning on a couple of fundraisers in the New Year. The first one will be on January 20th at the Noodle Guy in Port Williams. We’ll be sending along details next week. (Rumour has it that Mark Riley and his band will be playing…so it’ll be a dancing event!)

Community Engagement
We’ll be setting up outside at the Wolfville Farmers Market on Dec 1 & Dec 8. We’ll have an oven going and will be promoting the upcoming fundraisers. Please come by and say hello! We will have tickets to sell for the Jan 20th event (they would make a great Christmas present…just sayin’). Save the date in your calendar!

Looking for Volunteers
We have been laying the groundwork…but now we need your help! We are starting to look for volunteers and people who can help us in making this project come together. We are looking for people to help us with:

  • Grant writing
  • Help with fundraisers
  • Setting up a not-for-profit
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Sponsorship
  • Builders…when we start in the Spring.
  • Joining out board (once we are set up)

If you are able to help out, please fill out this Google Form. It’s also a place to submit any comments and to vote on a name for the oven!

We are getting back on track to collect donations for anyone looking to help support our project. We will be sending along these details in the next email.

Logo (and name change)
We’ve been working on a logo for the oven. Since you are on the mailing list, you get a glimpse of the (nearly completed) new logo! We’ve been playing around with the name and thinking about “Front Street Community Oven”. What do you think? Go to the Google Form to vote!

Stay tuned…we’ll be in touch next week with more details. And thanks for your patience.

Duncan & Adam

P.S. If you didn’t get this email and you want to be the first to receive updates about oven related stuff,  we invite you to sign-up for our email list here: http://eepurl.com/dzptlz