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Hello folks,

We would be delighted to have you join us the evening of Thursday, September 16th at the oven to experiment with local food, cook and learn together, and have a fun time! Caroline and Duncan are local food enthusiasts and volunteers who are hosting space (and building a very hot fire) every Thursday evening from 6:00-8:30 pm to bring people together around food and community.

Due to our weather cancellation last week and the week before, we’re having a Breakfast for Dinner raincheck! Anything goes in terms of “breakfast foods” for dinner! Duncan often eats stirfry for breakfast.

Here are the ideas we shared last week for yummy breakfast foods that we’ve had shared with us:

German Pancakes


Huevos Rancheros

Duncan’s going to try Hasselback Potatoes which will require the oven to be around 400* to 500* toward the back. The front of the oven tends to stay slightly cooler, around 350*, so keep this in mind when planning what to bring.

We invite you to bring:

  • Ingredients for your desired breakfast-for-dinner meal (if you can’t decide, try one of the recipes we shared above!)
  • Any other food you may like to enjoy for a picnic in the park or try cooking in the oven
  • Cast iron pan or crock if needed for what you want to cook (we have some extras)
  • Plates, cutlery, cutting boards, or whatever else you may need to prep and enjoy your meal (See the “What to Bring List” for a list of things you may consider bringing to picnic in the park with us https://frontstreetoven.ca/bookings/)

We are volunteers booking the oven and hosting this space for experimentation and learning. Our past events have been a lot of fun and we learned a lot of food skills from each other, so we would love to sustain these events. We are putting this on in a pay-what-you-can capacity, and encourage a $5-$15 donation towards the oven booking fee (and future events like this, should we have a surplus).

Please let us know if you’re going to join us, and how many people you’re bringing along with you.

PS – If you want to be trained as a firemaster so that you can volunteer and be able to host your own bookings, you are welcome to come at 5pm to receive this training.

Please send an email to duncan@frontstreetoven.ca to RSVP. We are limiting these events to 12 people so everyone gets a chance to cook, as well as for Covid safety. You are welcome to forward this email to friends or family.

Hope to see you on Thursday!





Photos from last few weeks…

Welcome to Wolfville – Cittaslow Student Sunday (for everyone, not just for students)

A Cittaslow event to welcome students hosted by the Town of Wolfville

September 19, from 11am – 2 pm at Robie Tufts Park

Welcome to Wolfville, a designated Cittaslow community, proudly offering a cultivated experience for the body, mind and soil. Wolfville is at its core Town and gown, urban and rural, where we value hard work and good fun, in perfect balance.

Cittaslow communities are rich in culture, with public spaces, theatres, workshops, cafés, restaurants, spiritual places, unspoilt landscapes, and fascinating craftspeople. We cherish the slow, benevolent succession of the seasons that deliver abundant harvests, with respect paid to fine flavours of locally produced foods and beverages.

We value holistic health, wellness, rituals, celebrations, and we nurture a fascination for living tradition and around the globe, Cittaslow communities embrace the joy that comes from fostering a slow, quiet, reflective way of life.

Wolfville is one of only two designated Cittaslow communities in Canada and on September 19th we invite students and community to experience a Cittaslow celebration with live music, an open mic, walking tours rich in local lore, apple baking in the oven, guided climate walking tours, games, photo ops with Mudley the Wolfville mascot and more.

The event starts at 11am on Sunday September 19th at Robie Tufts Park and runs until 2pm this coming Sunday! Please feel welcome to drop by. We are happy to welcome you to Wolfville.

Additional details – email> bshaw@wolfville.ca

It’s for everyone, we’re just explicitly welcoming and inviting Acadia students to build connection and community.

We had a blast at our first Building Bridges Open Oven this weekend – join us next Saturday, September 18th for the next one!

Open Ovens are our weekly free wood-fired baking/cooking event where the oven is fired up and everyone can come cook/bake, eat together, and picnic in the park. No booking is required.

Building Bridges

Thanks to funding from the Central Kings and Eastern Kings Community Health Boards, we are excited to invite you to join us each Saturday in September for Building Bridges Open Ovens, where pizza ingredients are provided to all guests on a first-come, first-served basis, with no booking required. 

Building Bridges is a project intended to bring people together, easing feelings of isolation and separation, as well as provide an opportunity for mentorship, collaboration, learning, and mental wellness.


Using food and cooking as common ground, connection and camaraderie are forged between community members who otherwise may not have the opportunity to come together.



If you or someone you know is interested in a private group booking but faces a financial barrier, please reach out to frontstreetoven@gmail.com. Under the Building Bridges program, we are able to facilitate private bookings, with a complete pizza-making kit and on-site skill-sharing provided at no charge. If you need a ride, please contact us, as transportation from Kentville may be available.

Wood-Fired Sourdough Bread and Pitas Workshop

Come take a deep dive into sourdough breads with Doug Brown.
As the owner of Oak Haven Bakery, Doug has been baking with fire and sourdough for over 25 years.

Doug will be hosting two hands-on workshops on September 26th, 2021. 


Each workshop will include:

  • 3-hour hands-on workshop
  • small group for best learning experience
  • The workshop will cover:
    1. Mixing your dough from starter (hands-on)
    2. Kneading and proofing (hands-on)
    3. While our breads rise, Doug will do a sourdough pita and yeasted based bread demonstration
    4. Baking your bread in a wood-fired oven or at home (hands-on)
    5. General bread-making tips and tricks.
  • This workshop is open to beginners and avid bakers. 

Group size is limited to 13 people to ensure great hands-on learning.

There are two workshop slots to choose from:
9am – 12pm or 2pm – 5pm on Sunday Sep 26th.

This is a fundraiser to help us cover the cost of our many free community programs. If you’d like to come but can’t afford it, we have a few lower-cost tickets set aside; please reach out to frontstreetoven@gmail.com 

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