Hi folks,

We’re getting really really close!

Soon, we’ll be eating pizza and other wood-fired yumminess in the park!!

We can already smell the pizza, bread, stew, tacos… yum!

But, we need your help to make the final steps happen, and to turn the oven into 3-season fun!

Wanna be an Oven Legend? 

Here’s how:

  1.  Join the Oven Builders Guild: If you have brick-laying or building skills and have a few afternoons or early evenings available in May 2019, please email brian@frontstreetoven.ca
  2. Join the Community Oven All-Stars: Provide a cash or materials donation of $50 and get listed on our website and a special mention at our official launch
  3. Become an Oven Legend: Provide a cash or materials donation of $100 or more and have your name on the building. You’ll also be invited to our  opening event!
  4. Become a Business Supporter: provide $500 or more and get your business name on the building, recognition on our website, a social media shoutout, and an invitation to our opening event.
  5. We have a few, select sponsorship opportunities that have a high return on social impact as well as high return on investment. Benefits include things like: sharing our media reach, sponsoring one of our community programs, a special event with a chef, cooking classes etc.  Our media reach was 80,000 people  last year and we hadn’t even built the oven. Please contact Duncan for details: duncan@frontstreetoven.ca or 902-692-9421

Have any extra building materials you may wish to donate? Here is our materials list

Last but not least, please share this update with your friends and help us get the remaining financial support and building materials needed to turn the oven into 3-season fun! To make this easy, please click whatever platform you’d like to share through here:

Thanks for your support.

Front Street Community Oven Team