We just finished up our programs for the season with a Luski bread baking event at the oven. The event was co-hosted with Glooscap First Nation and it was magical. Thank you to the Eastern Kings Community Health Board, Glooscap First Nation, and Just Us! Coffee for making this event possible. It was so lovely to get together with people from all walks of life, in peace and friendship, learning and sharing.

Sandy and her 12 year old daughter told the story of Luski and taught us how to make it. People loved having their hands in the dough. Sandy shared with us that making Luski well requires being gentle with the dough and not kneading it too much.


Imagine the most joyful event you’ve attended… this was it for me, pure joy and oodles of laughter, connection through a shared and ancient activity of baking and breaking bread together. There’s so much more coming out of the oven than is going in 😃 In goes carefully grown and prepared food, out comes deep appreciation, love, joy, laughter etc. Thank you for an amazing year!

 You can find the recipe here 

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